Download the Sample Report Pack

aimswebPlus provides comprehensive reporting for each screening and monitoring component:

  • Benchmark—assess students three times per year for universal screening (early identification).
  • Progress monitor—write individualized annual goals and monitor more frequently for students who need intensive instructional services
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)—organize and evaluate the process of RTI to manage data
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)—provide frequent monitoring for instructional decision-making 

Teachers or administrators may view student results online through the aimswebPlus data management and reporting system. A reporting hierarchy determines the information available based on user role and access level.

Reports include data for students, classrooms, grades, schools, and district levels, and they can be generated in either HTML format or as PDFs. Reports specific to benchmarking and progress monitoring, are available. Sample reports are shown in the following figures. 



Multi-Tiered Systems of Support