The academic tests within aimswebPlus —named “measures”—address reading and mathematics skills. The tables provided show the grades and seasons for which a measure is appropriate, whether it’s used for screening or progress monitoring, the number of progress monitoring forms offered, and the average administration time per form. It also shows which measures are typically given one-on-one, and which are online measures designed to be taken by groups of students. (Note: The group-administered tests may also be given to one student at a time.) The individually administered measures use a digital record form that provides everything the teacher needs to give test instructions and capture student data in real time.




Legend: S (Screening), PM (Progress Monitoring)




Legend: S (Screening), PM (Progress Monitoring)


*Unless noted (in parentheses), a measure is available Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Our early experiences with aimswebPlus during beta testing have been very positive. From rostering to report interpretation, aimswebPlus has been well received by teaching staff as a potentially powerful tool to screen and identify students with varying academic needs. 
In the areas of reading and mathematics, the new aimswebPlus assessment suite appears to validly measure Common Core State Standards in a reliable manner. 
Informal review of student performance has indicated close correspondence between aimswebPlus assessment results and teacher judgment of student achievement based on daily classroom observations.


Patrick W. Nolten, Ph.D. Executive Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation

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