Recorded Webinar: Value of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) within an Interim Assessment system

Making a difference means constantly assessing student performance

Short Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) assessments with aimsweb™Plus provide teachers with fast and accurate information about student performance. That means faster decisions about curriculum and instructional strategies, which can be constantly monitored for progress. You gain the confidence and power to adjust and tailor student goals and instructional programs any time during the year.

The research shows that when teachers use data from CBM to inform their instructional strategies and decision making, their instruction improves. At the end of the day, students learn more effectively.



The “Measuring What Matters” webinar series
In this webinar, the team behind the development of aimswebPlus discussed the value of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) in our assessment system. Dr. John Bielinski, Director of Research and Assessment Development, and Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Research Director, were joined by the aimwebPlus team members Maurya Buchanan, Senior Product Manager, and Julie Godfrey, Director of aimsweb products and services. These experts presented the case for using CBM as a determinant of student strengths and weaknesses. 


John.pngPresenting Dr. John Bielinski, Director of Research and Assessment Development
A psychometrician by education with a Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods, most of Dr. Bielinski’s career has been in test development. Since joining Pearson in 2002, Dr. Bielinski has led development of the KeyMath-3, an individually administered diagnostic math assessment; the Bruininks-Osertesky Test, 2nd Edition, an assessment of motor coordination; and aimswebPlus, a comprehensive general assessment system that provides interim and progress monitoring assessments in reading and math for kindergarten through grade 8.

Currently John is the Director of Research and Assessment Development in the Assessment Product Solutions division of Pearson.

Prior to Pearson, he spent three years as a post-doctoral research associate at the National Center on Educational Outcomes, an educational testing policy institute. There, he conducted research on how test accommodations affect test score validity and on longitudinal achievement growth trends of students with disabilities.

cheryl.pngPresenting Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Director of Research aimswebPlus
Cheryl Johnson has worked in professional, clinical, and educational assessment development since 1998. She has written content and led teams for successful multi-year assessment research projects that include the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, 2nd Edition, the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, 2nd and 3rd Editions, Sensory Profile, 2nd Edition, and, most recently, aimswebPlus.

As Research Director at Pearson, her team focuses on early literacy and numeracy assessment research, and effective progress monitoring toward achievement goals for all school-aged children. In addition to her research work, Cheryl is an advocate for Montessori education, approaches to maximize cognitive and physical performance in adults, and new technology and experiences that foster people’s natural curiosity.

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