Beefed Up Benchmarking

aimswebPlus-Teacher-Student-iPad.jpgHow awesome would it be to have one seamless system for gathering and reporting screening and progress monitoring data? Targeted classroom instruction is the most powerful tool for impacting student achievement. How do we know where to target core, small group, and even individual instruction? Once delivered, how do we know that this instruction is promoting student growth?

Join us for an engaging and interactive discussion on the new benchmarking measurement batteries in aimswebPlus with a sneak peek at the rich composite data these assessments provide. 


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About the presenters

Suzanne Wendt Image
Suzanne Wendt, aimswebPlus Resource Consultant, brings over 15 years of  classroom experience  in public and private school settings to the aimsweb team.  Beginning her 8th year with Pearson, Suzanne currently consults and collaborates with educators across the country on their classroom assessment needs.  
Maurya Buchanan Image
 Maurya Buchanan is the senior product manager for aimswebPlus and has worked tirelessly with the technical team to build out the new online features with input from a wide group of beta users—educators from range of locations and school sizes. She transitioned to the product management team after working as a business analyst in the early stages. Maurya’s organization and focus on detail comes from years of experience as a technical writer and business analyst for other Pearson flagship products (ABAS-II, WISC-IV, WIAT-II, Stanford English Language Proficiency). Maurya received her BA in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to Pearson, she worked as a psychometrist, responsible for accurate scoring of psychological tests.  

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