Recorded Webinar: Value of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) within an Interim Assessment system

Making a difference means constantly assessing student performance

Short Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) assessments with aimsweb™Plus provide teachers with fast and accurate information about student performance. That means faster decisions about curriculum and instructional strategies, which can be constantly monitored for progress. You gain the confidence and power to adjust and tailor student goals and instructional programs any time during the year.

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Recorded Webinar: Dynamic Student Performance Targets—How to Use Them for Resource Planning and Maximizing Achievement Growth

 Have you heard about aimsweb's new approach for establishing performance benchmarks? If not, watch this recorded webinar and listen to the team behind aimwebPlus™ development cover the scientific basis for this new dynamic approach for establishing performance benchmarks.

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Beefed Up Benchmarking

How awesome would it be to have one seamless system for gathering and reporting screening and progress monitoring data? Targeted classroom instruction is the most powerful tool for impacting student achievement. How do we know where to target core, small group, and even individual instruction? Once delivered, how do we know that this instruction is promoting student growth?

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TeacherCast Podcast Pearson aimswebPlus: Classroom Assessment and Progress Monitoring Tool Designed to Enhance Student Achievement

Our own Suzanne Wendt, Resource Consultant for aimswebPlus was recently interviewed by Jeff Bradbury of TeacherCast. This pre-recorded interview turned podcast centers around a friendly conversation about aimswebPlus. Jeff met with the aimswebPlus team at ISTE in Denver earlier this year, and having liked what he learned, reached out and requested an interview as an opportunity to provide his 53,000 listeners with more information about aimswebPlus.

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TeacherCast is an educational professional development network focusing on Google, STEM Education, and Educational Technology.
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Norms and Scores: Exploring the Available Scores and How to Use Them

October 5, 2016 3:30 PM Central Time 

In this webinar, the team behind aimwebPlus development will discuss the scores found in aimswebPlus. Dr. John Bielinski will explain the benefits of nationally representative, stratified norms and their best use; as well as how to use normative scores to enhance interpretation of student and group performance/growth over time.  

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Assessing Silent Reading Rate with Comprehension

October 20, 2016 3:30 PM Central Time 

In this webinar, researcher Mark Daniel, Ph.D. and noted literacy expert Freddie Hiebert, Ph.D. discuss why it’s important to measure silent reading rate with comprehension.  They also explain the Silent Reading Fluency approach and its connection to the new aimswebPlus, as well as findings from research validating its use as a screener. 

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Value of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) in an Interim Assessment system

November 10, 2016 3:30 PM Central Time

In this webinar, the team behind aimwebPlus development will discuss the value of CBM in our assessment system. Dr. John Bielinski & Cheryl Johnson will present our case for using CBM as a determinant of student strengths and weaknesses.
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Suzanne Wendt's Great Interview on aimswebPlus


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Next Generation of Powerful Tool for Linking Assessment to Instruction, aimswebPlus From Pearson, Launches at ISTE 2016

aimswebPlus puts information for monitoring student progress, personalizing learning at educators’ fingertips

DENVER – June 27, 2016 – Today, at ISTE 2016, Pearson launched aimswebPlus™, the newest member of its aimsweb family. With aimswebPlus, educators can assess student progress, analyze data, set goals for individual students and observe growth trends for an entire district—all in one place.

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Pearson Partners with MetaMetrics


Pearson Partners with MetaMetrics to Offer Quantile Measures of Student Math Capability and Progress in aimswebPlus. Popular mathematics metric will be used to monitor student progress in K-8 tool.

San Francisco, CA — April 13, 2016 – Today at the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM) 2016 Conference, Pearson, the world’s learning company, announced the expansion of its partnership with MetaMetrics, developer of The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, to provide Quantile measures in its newaimswebPlus™ system. aimswebPlus will report Quantile measures to assist teachers in measuring student math capability and monitoring student progress in mathematics.

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